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Employment Law Services

At Harris Law Firm, LLC we rely on years of corporate counsel experience to represent both employers and employees for employment law issues. For employers, we believe a good foundation of protective legal documents, including a comprehensive and well-written employment handbook, can alleviate future claims and lawsuits by employees. It is important to protect your business by making sure your employment documents are up to date, detailed and protect your company.

We are proficient at drafting the following documents in pursuit

of the protection of your business:

- Employment Handbook – including at-will employment provisions, discipline

    procedures, breaks/vacation, company policies and procedures, Military leave, FMLA

    leave and a number of other issues that need to be a part of your handbook.

- Detailed Confidentiality and Trade Secrets agreements;

- Non-Compete Agreements;

- Non-Disparagement Agreements;

- Company Policy Agreements;

- Title VII Policies and Procedures:

- Drug and Alcohol Policy:

- Internet Use/Telephone Usage and Restrictions.

Let us create a suite of legal protection documents to support and defend your business from employee grievances and suits. Save yourself money and frustration in the long run by being diligent in addressing your employment documents today.

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