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Personal Injury Law

With years of experience you can ensure that there will be a pursuit of a positive outcome following a serious collision. The Law firm believes that each case is a person who has rights and needs that must be satisfied to be successfully represented.  That means not accepting low-ball offers, not allowing the case to sit but instead to actively pursue settlement.

Business Law

Formation of corporate structure.Negotiation/drafting of:  contracts, operating agreements, partnerships , joint ventures, service contracts, Independent Contractor Agreements. Purchase/sale of small businesses. Negotiation and representation in any business transaction or deal. Local, state and Federal compliance laws. Harris Law Firm, LLC offers the same type of quality legal representation but at a much friendlier rate than the big firms. Utilizing 10 years as an in-house counsel to a large upstate company has allowed my firm to handle most private business transactions in a timely and diligent time frame, and at a reasonable cost.

Employment Law

At Harris Law Firm, LLC we rely on years of corporate counsel experience to represent both employers and employees for employment law issues. For employers, we believe a good foundation of protective legal documents, including a comprehensive and well-written employment handbook, can alleviate future claims and lawsuits by employees. Conversely, we also represent those Employee Victims of harassment that are discriminated against based on their protected civil rights under both state and federal law.

Creditors & Debitors Law

Many times before a person or company is forced into bankruptcy for his debts, or a creditor is about to write off a debt, there exist some areas of negotiation to salvage the debt for the creditor or reduce it for the debtor without resorting to litigation or bankruptcy.

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