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For businesses our firm can actively pursue those accounts receivables that have lapsed and are in danger of being written off.  Instead, with concerted and firm action to place the debtor on notice of the debt, and the possible legal actions that come for a breach of contract, our firm has been successful for our clients in working out satisfactory debt negotiation, settlement and payment plans subject to that debt.  We also include legal protections in place that in case the debtor fails to adhere to the binding settlement agreement then a judgment is automatically entered. Before writing off that debt, if sizable, contact us.  We work off both hourly or percentage fee for these type of actions.


Being mired in debt and looking at bankruptcy as your only solution is not a good place to be obviously. Before ruining your credit for years think about having a legal representative that can negotiate your debts down, negotiation the payment agreement and seek terms that are advantageous to you without ruining your financial life.  For both businesses and individuals we have been successful in negotiating down mortgage judgments, significant mortgage late payments, bank judgments/late payments and other types of debt.  Being in a risky financial position with creditors on your door is a stressful and uncomfortable position.

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